Fuel Oil and Propane Software

$99.95 a month for most companies !!!

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Degree Days Online Fuel Oil and Propane Software

Degree Days Online is an affordable, cloud-based, subscription service. DDO provides fuel oil and propane software for delivery companies that need a way to track their customers and deliveries.

We are so affordable, we actually publish our prices. No Sales calls needed.


Degree Days Online Fuel Oil and Propane Software can help you grow!

Degree Days Online maintains all your customer information and keeps a history of all your deliveries for those customers.

We developed this software for our own business, and thought it would help other companies to automate without costing an arm and a leg.

If you are currently writing out all your delivery tickets by hand, or are using an outdated or expensive software to manage your Fuel Oil and/or Propane delivery business, then Degree Days Online could be for you.

Automate your Business

Degree Days Online Fuel and Propane Software saves you time and money by automating your delivery schedule.

Degree Days Online can automatically schedule Fuel Oil and/or Propane deliveries by using a Degree Day Calculation or by elapsed Calendar Days.


And, of course, DDO can easily handle all your daily call-in Business.


Saves you time and effort

Degree Days Online can save you tons of time by printing your delivery tickets and automatically loading the temperature readings for your area.

Degree Days Online Fuel Oil and Propane Software can work with QuickBooks Online*

DDO’s Integration with QuickBooks Online can save you the time and effort of double data entry to help with your accounting needs and more…


(*QuickBooks Online is not required to run DDO, but we recommend QB Essentials or higher if used) 


DDO now processes Credit Card Payments

Tiger Payment Solutions

DDO now has integrated Credit Card processing using TIGER Payment Solutions.

Using DDO’s optional Credit Card Processing feature, you can save tons of time and money. With this feature there is no switching back and forth between different software to process Credit Cards. It’s all integrated into DDO’s easy-to-use pages.

By partnering with TIGER Payment Solutions, they can provide the best rates and customer service in the Industry.


Free Support and Training

Degree Days Online provides free support and multiple sources for training. We have an extensive Online User Manual and we can be reached by email or on our 800 number.

Family owned and operated

Degree Days Online is a family owned and operated company. Our family has been in the Fuel Oil Delivery Business since 1955.

This software was developed for us to manage our delivery company and we use it every day.